29 Faces: Face 10

Here’s a pretty girl for Face 10 of the 29 Faces art challenge. I thought she needed a flower in her hair. Another digital painting in Photoshop. I’m heading to my weekly life drawing session this afternoon so I’ll give a portrait a whirl. Maybe I’ll get Face 11 done today too!

Later in the afternoon: I managed to do a portrait during the life drawing session. It was about a 25 minute pose. This is done with colored pencils on kraft paper. Definitely not one of my best (ugh) but it’s ok. Some days are great drawing days and others, well….  not so much!


  1. Jez

    I am astounded by your skill, artistry, talent, perfection with painting in Photoshop – I could use even more adjectives. The flesh tones are so beautifully moulded, and the over the shoulder glance is very attractive with those enticing eyes.

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