29 Faces: 12, 13 & 14 (WIP)

Painting my bathroom took longer than I thought so I didn’t get as many faces done as I had hoped on the weekend. But I do have 2.3! And I’m almost halfway done the challenge. Face 3 is a work in progress obviously. I was looking through my reference library and found a lovely pic of Michaelangelo’s David. I thought it would make a good value exercise and a nice addition to the 29 Faces art challenge. I’ll finish it off tomorrow after I get some work done.


  1. Faye

    Beautiful work. I love the way you have gotten the anger shown in the first face here. Face 13 is so sweet. And we will all wait to see how David progresses.

  2. Vasi

    What a great trio! 😀 Fun to see them together like that, because each has a totally different mood.

    I'm also glad to see how your work in progress looks like, since I have almost no idea of the process.

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