29 Faces: Face 15

I didn’t get a chance to finish David today but I did manage to finish Face 15 for the 29 Faces art challenge. This one is based on an old photo I have. I can’t remember if it came from the Brady-Handy collection or if it was one of those funny links on Buzzfeed. It was a nice exercise in values!

Speaking of old photos, if you’re not familiar with the Brady-Handy collection of civil war era photos, it’s definitely worth a browse. Tons of high resolution photos in the public domain.

Below I’ve posted some of the acrylic ATCs I did from this collection of photos. Tons of great portrait shots there.

I’ll come back to Michaelangelo’s David tomorrow. Hopefully.



  1. Jez

    Your drawings are just so wonderful, the modelling of the face and the hair, and the delicate sideburns. I am just lost in admiration for your artistic talents. I shall look up the archive you mention, it is very good of you to share this info.
    I must come back for another look two or three times today, and also leave comments on the posts I have missed.
    Marvellous work.

  2. Kristen

    Love the black and white photo you drew! Your digi stamps are really cute as well! I love the movement and life in your work. Mine is always a little flat. Great stuff!!!

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