29 Faces: Face 22

Reaching the end now. Woo! Unfortunately, I have a lot of work to get done today so I’m submitting more of a doodle than a portrait but those count too. Hopefully, I’ll have more time tomorrow.


  1. Jez

    I wouldn't tangle with this lady, she looks so strong-minded and a little dangerous. It's a lovely doodle, and as you say, they all count, and I like the variety. I wouldn't like to ask her, because I think she might think it cheeky, but I have a feeling she has had a 'boob job'. Very fun.

  2. Coreopsis

    Yeah, I'd say they count–doodles are way fun, and YES, the end is near. This is a very impressive collection (though I don't like the zombie one–zombies creep me out!). Thanks for your comments on my blog.

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