Girl with a Pearl Necklace

I finished the pretty lady with a pearl necklace that I started last week. This painting is for my portfolio and was done in Photoshop. I kept the pale skin from my WIP and went for a graphic style on the rest.

I have to do a new postcard mailing this week and wanted a few new pieces in my portfolio. Maybe a couple more before I send off the new card!


  1. Uuna

    You have done wonderful collage from Your all 29 Faces. I love the idea!
    Then I read the word "card" and I woke total, because I make and let print cards about my paintings and collages. Then I found Your cardsite, but they are all ATCs, am I right. Sorry, I'd like to come with, but my cards are squares and 14.5 x 14.5 cm… ATCs are too small to me.
    I have the own homepage to my cards:
    Have a nice fallday 🙂

  2. Sweet Red Clover

    I'm so happy to have met you through 29 Faces and to have gotten to see all your art so far. Your work is AMAZING and I am looking forward to seeing more! I'm definitely your blog stalker now! 🙂

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