Paint Party Friday: Lipstick Swirl

Here’s my PPF for the week. It’s another painting for my portfolio called Lipstick Swirl. I’m trying to get more fashion related paintings in there since I love to paint ladies. Next week, I’ll have finished the painting I was working on for last PPF. I say that now, lol. There’s always hope, right? 🙂

Happy PPF!


  1. Victoria

    She is deeply-stunning beautifully expressive..great vibe to her..and I love the gorgeous color palette..the patterns on her dress are fabulous..! Fantastic..shine on!

  2. Astera

    I like the pose with the lipstick in place of the cigarette, almost like a (healthier) modern take on old Hollywood posters. And the dress colors and patterns are very pretty.
    Have a fun weekend!

  3. Jez

    Your ladies are always so great, and this one has such strength and character and attitude. I love her pose with the lipstick and its 'smoke'. I can imagine that when she is not dressing in her sexy gown with that luscious sash, she wears leathers and boots and rides a Harley Davidson.

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