PPF & Illustration Friday: Creature!

Sadly, I didn’t really have much to share this week for PPF, til now. I am working on a lot of new projects but none for show yet. I did have a half done deco cover, lol. Then I saw the Illustration Friday topic and decided to paint up a quickie while I had my morning coffee. The topic is creature so I went with this easy little fellow. He’s based on a painting I did ages ago on alien plants–he lived in the plants. Painted in Photoshop.


  1. Fran

    Such a cute little monster. I want to try some ATC monsters for my grandson though though I don't know what a three year old may do with them.

  2. Astera

    What a cutie and so tiny. I like how you drew it on a ruler like if it was being examined by an exobiologist on a distant planet.
    As always, beautiful sketches…the white highlight works really well…make me want to use colored paper too! 🙂

  3. minnemie

    Did I read that right? Little adorable Pink Plant Creature was painted in Photoshop??? Amazing. You get my applause for that!:-) Beautiful sketches-love the brown paper.

  4. pauline

    OMG… your little creature is fucking adorable! Love that he (she?) is all pink! Beautiful work. And your life drawings – amazing. i love the softness of your shadows. I bow to such talent. xox

  5. Cindy D.

    Here is it Thursday night and I am kicking myself for missing this perfect IF topic. Ah well, I can usually work creatures into other words. But holy adorable pink thing! Seriously. And lovely work on the kraft paper!

  6. Cindy D.

    (BY the way! I know you are a gamer. The reason I have missed this week's topic is a really great Diablo-esque FREE game called Path of Exile. You know, in case you were looking for something to play. (If you like Diablo at all, it is very, very similar.) 🙂

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