Decos in the Art Ether

I made a bunch of decos this weekend and am sending them out into the art ether today. Maybe I’ll see some of them again (I hope) and maybe others will find new homes. Who knows. I’m fairly new to the world of decos since any art trades I make are usually ATCs but it sounded like fun so I’m giving it a whirl. Decos are little homemade art books that you send out to art friends around the world. Each person paints or decorates a single page in your book and then sends it on to someone else. Eventually, the book is filled with glorious art and returned home to you. These are a few of the themed decos I made: In the Style of Basquiat, In the Coffee Shop and Portraits & Quotes. If you want me to work in your artistic deco, send me a note! I much prefer hand drawn and painted decos since I’m not exactly skilled at collage.


  1. Astera

    This is pretty amazing! The concept of the deco reminds me of the "Diary of Memories" that were popular in elementary schools when I was a kid (maybe they still are…;)). We had all our friend making drawings on these keepsakes to remember the way we were as little children….Decos are on a much grander scale, of course. Still, in both cases it's a lovely idea. 🙂

  2. Giggles

    I love how diverse you are…these are all fabulous!!
    I love each one for different reasons…and that quote I am going to share with someone!!
    Sounds like a fun challenge!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. Erika

    Good Morning! And thank you for visiting my blog and your kind words!
    So much to see on your blog and I am very impressed. Your paintings speaks to me. For example Einstein or the wonderful woman. Wonderful!
    Hugs and love

  4. Coreopsis

    Wow–that sounds like a fabulous project. I'd love to participate in something like that. I also must say that I am totally impressed with you–and how much cool art you do–everyday! I need to get busy, I see…..

    So….what are the details? How big do they need to be? How do you get hooked up with other people who want to do this?

  5. SLScheibe

    They can be any size I believe though most are about a quarter size of a regular paper. I made mine all about 4" x 6" and they're sewed together. Apparently stapes are bad. I just joined this place:, plus I'm sending them off to trading friends via I learned most info from here:

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