PPF: A Halloween Scene

Another awesomely fun Halloween has come and gone. Unfortunately, it was super rainy and windy here tonight so we had hardly any trick or treaters come to the door. I felt bad for the kids who stayed home! My daughter came home soaked but she sure had fun. In between opening the door, I managed to paint up a Halloween witch sitting on her pumpkin. Ok, I know she’s not very scary, even with the BOO, but she’s cute. That counts.

I managed a few decent drawings at the life drawing session today. This one is pencil on kraft paper, my usual.



  1. Helen Campbell

    I really like your Halloween witch! And your life drawing. We had a few more than normal Trick or Treaters this year, it quite raining early afternoon and was a nice evening. Happy PPF and Happy Halloween!

  2. froebelsternchen Susi

    amazing life drawing.. ( uups .. my figure seems a little bit similal to her…hihi)
    On the other side I really want be that beautiful girl on the pumpkin.. If I had the possibility to choose …
    Really looking forward to your new tutorials… I have to look now instantly to the new section you set here …
    thank you for sharing this all with us!
    I did read some of your fab articles at the art trader online magazines in the past- great!

  3. Anne Manda

    Enchanting, pretty Halloween witch, beautifully rendered! And you life drawing is beautiful, you have captured her unique character so well! I'm going to check out that tutorial!

  4. Victoria

    Wow..she is dazzling and such a stunning beauty…love her jet black hair..she is fantastic! and your beautiful sketch is sublime..such talent! yay..I look forward to checking out the link tutorial…awesome!
    Victoria, pencil and wing

  5. Carol

    Your Halloween painting is so cute….she may not be scary but she looks like she can be a little devilish. 🙂 Love the life drawing!!!! Our Halloween weather was the same 🙁

  6. Jez

    Nice to see a young, sweet witch who thinks saying Boo will scare us. A lovely painting, and I like the faint detail of the gravestones in the background.
    Your life drawing is amazing, the flesh looks so soft and real.
    I shall check out the tutorials when I am fully awake later in the day.

  7. Giggles

    I love your wonderful beautiful witch..you are so talented…love the sketch too….I am so blown away by your amazing work! You really take your reader on a journey of emotion!

    Hugs Giggles

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