WIPs, Life & Little Bits

Unfortunately, I’m having one of those weeks where the things I draw REALLY aren’t matching the visions in my head. I know I’ll get these “imagined” paintings right at some point, but it won’t be this week! In the meantime, I fiddled about with a group of girls chatting away at a club (that you can’t see yet!). Maybe I’ll come back and finish it. For now (and maybe forever), it’s a WIP.  I like the color scheme though. I spent some time looking at the gorgeous palettes over at www.colorlovers.com and spied this one that reminded me of candy floss. I added in some browns for a bit more variation. If I don’t finish this painting, then I might take those same colors for another painting.

I made some decent drawings at the life drawing session today. This is one of them though I really have to remember to take my photos during the day, not at night when I want to post… even with the ugly yellow flash color distorting the image. Ah well. She still looks the same I figure.


  1. froebelsternchen Susi

    Happy PPF! WOW -Most of all I love this gorgeous old face… amazing-
    also the life drawing ist again outstanding…
    I love this colors you took for the girls and thank you for the link to the colors… have to check this!

    wish you a wonderful weekend

    xxx Susi

  2. Jez

    Of all forms of art figure drawing is my favourite. Despite your photography problems your drawing is lovely, and such a nice pose to draw. Love the girls and worry about your elderly friend – he looks drawn (in psychological terms) and worried. It will be interesting to see what your poem is like when it comes to your mind.

  3. Helen Campbell

    Wonderful drawings! I do like the color palette you have in the girls painting. I can identify with the not getting the image from your head onto the paper/canvas. My last month has been a lot like that. Happy PPF!

  4. Victoria

    How gorgeous..the girls are dazzling! Love the figure..she is full of deep emotion and poetry….I always love your figure drawings.. and the old man is spectacular..such incredible eyes..love him!
    Stunning art as always..shine on!

  5. Anne Manda

    Love the color palette – and faces – in the 3 girls painting, pinks are so wonderful! Excellent figure drawing, quite inspiring! And old man's expression and eyes are very touching!

  6. AnnD

    You do such fabulous work with older faces! Love the life drawing, too. Sorry you've been having one of those weeks. Those weeks invariably end with wine for me. LOL.

  7. bellefrogworks

    Some weeks our visions just don't match our work – been there. I absolutely love the old man-you did a fabulous job there. I agree about the girls – the color scheme reminds me of colored illustrations I would find in books when I was a kid. The life figure is wonderful even in the night photo.

  8. Irene Rafael

    I can relate to those days when things in my head dont match that which my hand creates 🙂 I actually like the photo taken at night, especially when it is enlarged. It looks like a fun and productive week. Have a good weekend.

  9. Tammie Dickerson

    Wonderful paintings – I think it is so much harder to paint from your imagination! I am SO much more comfortable with the scene in front of me! LOVE your life drawing – her pose is so expressive and would also make a fabulous painting!

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