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I haven’t kept an art journal for a while now. In fact, the last time I worked on this particular journal was in 2010. I bought an amazing Vincent Rossini book with super thick handmade paper and I love the thing. It’s a great journal and well made. After purchasing, I promptly filled in 5 or so pages and then shoved it on the art bookshelf for the next 3 years while I concentrated on work and other art projects. I pulled it out the other day since I’ve been visiting many blogs with a lot of journal art and they’ve inspired me to finish up this one. It’s a mixed media art journal and I thought I’d share the pages online too. I don’t really use text on my pages since I’m not a writer (clearly) and I don’t need to express myself with words or share my feelings. That’s not for me. But I sure do like to make pretty pictures and most often I sell them, trade them or make them for work and barely have any left for myself. A journal keeps them all in one spot and is something I can actually keep. Yay! Here are some pages, from 2010 and from this weekend too.


  1. Debbie

    Your pages have great character and humor, especially the last one, lol!!!! Thanks for the comment on my blog about selling. I really like how you have your blog set up to showcase your art without being obnoxious about it, if that makes sense. Your art looks great on Zazzle items.

  2. Astera

    Where do you find your sources and how long does it take you to make one entry in your journal? They all look like very complete very well thought out pieces of art.

  3. SLScheibe

    I basically wing it for the journal. I know that sounds bad but I don't plan the pages out. I find images mostly from collage sheets or old books and pages I have (you can buy all of this stuff online), and then form something from whatever bits look good together. I figure if it doesn't work, it's only in my journal! No one will care. If I'm doing a serious piece, then I plan it all out with drawings and colors.

  4. Lisa Isabella Russo

    Oh wow, you are so talented in so many different medias! Traditional, digital, mixed media, you are fabulous at all of them! Glad that you're keeping some of your art for yourself, I think it's good to have some of your own art.

  5. Jez

    I love your wacky journal pages – what a fantastic book that will be when it is crammed full up to the last page. You are such a talented and individual artist and I love your work.

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