ATCs & Decos

I spent the weekend catching up on some art I owe for trades along with making some new decos and ATCs  (above) to send out into the art ether.




  1. Astera

    I'm afraid that's mostly true for every job. The fun part is always counter balcanced by boring tasks that are absolutely necessary but spoil the fun a bit…;)

  2. denthe

    That dog is sooo cute … Love his expression. I sure wish I had the money to pay an assistent to do the boring stuff for me …. Imagine being able to create full-time ….. aahhh

  3. Jez

    Love the phone cases and the ninja penguins – and all the other T-shirts.
    Beautiful red-haired lady, and sad-eyed dog, but I think he's just acting so that he gets a few treats.
    Working for yourself is such a pain as far as the admin and marketing side are concerned. In the olden days I used to sit typing a thousand envelopes for a mail-shot, which does nothing for the creative soul. At least when you do it yourself, you know you do it right first time.

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