Art Deco Set

I was searching through my computer last night, looking for some old images and came across this set of cards (ATCs) that I made about 6 years ago for a swap on the now defunct ATcards. They’re digital though I did print a copy for trading.They were so much fun to make and to come up with little stories for each character. I want to do another swap with the same theme. I can’t remember exactly what the theme title was though I believe it was something like “My Weird Family.” I went with an art deco theme for mine, graphic design like.

I have a weird family. Not quite like the cards but some of them are certainly out there in odd ways! They could probably say the same about me *cough*.


  1. Astera

    Curious and…a bit ominous. If these were really your ancestor's histories, in your shoes I would watch out for some sort of peculiar calamity to strike (and would keep away from cats, for good measure)! Some weirdness circulates in my family too (probably I am the weirdest of them all, to tell the truth) but overall we are pretty tame and boring. 😉
    Such a fun idea and cool look! 🙂

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