Values, Color & Life Drawings

This week’s exercise for the Daily Drawing Group over at was values so I took some time tonight to do a painting based on a vintage photo. I didn’t take it to a nice complete finish because I want to go finish watching Supernatural (recent convert!), but I did take some time to give the vintage lady a big blast of color…. and an awesome pink hat. This is what I love about painting digitally. I can take my painting, create a new layer, and then paint over top of it and make a brand new image. Below are pics of my WIPs. I often get questions and comments about digital painting so this will show you some of the process. It’s pretty much exactly the same way I paint traditionally. Messy blobs of values that eventually firm up into known shapes.

In today’s life drawing session, I concentrated on portraits for the longer poses. I had a decent drawing day so they turned out ok. I was happy. It’s a good day when you come home with a couple of decent drawings!


36 thoughts on “Values, Color & Life Drawings

  1. This is awesome work. I am really interested in the digital painting. It is something I think I may start pursuing. And seeing how your painting turned out is giving me some inspiration.

  2. Oh, you are right. As I first looked at the two versions of your lady, I asked myself how long would it take to make the same portrait twice with traditional media. Technology is a great thing!
    Your life portraits are as always a delight to look upon. Great portraits!

  3. I love your colorful ATC based on a vintage photo – I think it is finished as it is. I can never to ATCs because they are too small and I cannot work on a small scale! I'm really too big for my boots and my piece of paper. Happy PPF

  4. Love the black&white, but love the coloured one even more. Nice to see your progress pics. And the life-drawing portraits are wonderful. I especailly like the expression on his face in the first one 😉

  5. Ooh! This makes me want to play with values, too! Love the use of color and the addition of the pink hat.

    ALSO love that you have discovered Supernatural! Took me awhile to get into it, but once you're in, you're in, baby! And the eye candy can't be beat! 😀

  6. That vintage lady is stunning and I think you got a lot of detail there! The color is a cool addition!
    Your sketches from the live drawing session are awesome!
    Thank you for your kind words on my blog!
    Happy PPF

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