Mixed Media Ladies & Crazy Hats

As mentioned in my last post, I’ve reorganized one of the online workshops I presented for ArtTrader Magazine a couple of years ago – Mixed Media Goth Girls. I’ve taken out some content and added in some new art and the new workshop will be available to start on January 6th, 2014. Registration is now open! The pretty pink lady on the top left is part of the workshop and a full listing of program content is available on the workshops page.  There are 5 videos and a 30+ page workbook so lots of fun content!

Yesterday I finally managed to scan two paintings that have been sitting around for ages! They’re pretty big and I couldn’t get them scanned properly, even in pieces. I had tried numerous times. But I persevered and finally managed to piece them together in Photoshop… it took a long time. It’s my mixed media Voodoo King and Queen from a couple of years ago. I thought I might do an online series of big hats, not necessarily voodoo hats, just big mixed media hats. I think that would be a fun workshop. Either that or Calavera girls – perhaps both! One of those themes (or both) are coming in the new year.



  1. Astera

    Great new faces! the pink lady looks a lot like a friend of mine..^^
    The scanned pictures turned out very well. I never learned to scan my oversized (albeit sligtly oversized) drawings properly. You did a great job here. 🙂

  2. Helen Campbell

    Great lady paintings. Your class sounds fun, although I'm not a face drawing artist at all at this stage. I'll check it out. I'm impressed with the scanning, great job on that. Happy PPF!

  3. denthe

    Oh wow, those paintings are fantastic. Love the long faces and the long canvas, and the combination of the greys with the reds/pinks. Your flowergirl is beautiful too.

  4. Jez

    The Voodoo King and Queen pair are stunning and so original and creative. I love your Calavera girl, though I'm not sure what Calavera means. Good luck for your courses.

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