A response to the snow

I normally love the snow and winter but today, it just seemed cold with a biting wind. After life drawing, I came home and painted a nice summer field of flowers to make up for the icy wind. And if I weren’t so afraid of bees and insects (and nature), I would love to stand in the field like this girl and wave my arms around too. Ok, maybe not.

I have done lots of art for presents this week and I can’t show any of it on my blog til the holiday season is over. I have no idea if anyone in my family reads my blog (hi Mom!) or not but best not spoil any surprises.

On the TV addiction front, I managed to blaze through 8 seasons of Supernatural while working these past couple of weeks. I draw or design on the computer and watch out of the corner of my eye on the iPad. It’s quite the day job. I think I’ll draw the many confused faces of Castiel next week. He makes me laugh.

Happy holiday weekend and PPF 🙂


  1. Giggles

    This is a fabulous painting…I love your humour regarding your fear of bees and insects..Can't wait to see the gifts once the season is over!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Lisa Isabella Russo

    Your artwork is always such a joy to see and this one is just filled to the rim with joy! I love nature, but I too am wary of bugs… I am looking forward to seeing your gift art after the holidays (so true, best to be safe and not post until afterwards).

  3. Tammie Lee

    biting wind can be quite challenging! fun that you did a summer piece in response and it is lovely.

    i think it is quite interesting that often it is people we have never met that read our blogs.

    lovely weekend to you~

  4. Jez

    A joyful painting, much nicer to think of than this cold weather. I would love to join her in that field and perhaps pick some of those lovely blue flowers.

  5. Jeannette

    Oooh WOW,the girl its wonderful,she is happy on the flower grass and have fun,this its realy spring time,i loove it.
    i love your gothik beautys too,so unice.

    Greetings Jeannette

  6. Studio Kaufmann

    What a lovely warm picture! Makes me hear the bees buzzing and feel the warm sun on my skin. I haven't watched Supernatural I am a bit of a wuss and I think it would scare me silly as I am even scared of the flying monkies in the Wizard of Oz. Happy PPF

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