ArtTrader Magazine will be back!

A happy announcement — after a much needed break, we’re bringing back ArtTrader Magazine! The new issue will be available on the ArtTrader website on January 1, 2014. We’ll be back to quarterly issues again next year.  If you’re new to ArtTrader Mag, it’s an online magazine in PDF format that focuses on the mail art world with tutorials, galleries and how to guides on all sorts of art techniques and objects.

Issues are free for downloading and reading. Issues 1 through to 20 are all available here: Happy reading and arting! We won’t be hosting online workshops again but many of the people involved in writing for ArtTrader Mag will be creating their own workshops and we’ll let you know all about them in the zine.

Expect the ArtTrader website to be updated over the next week with news about the upcoming issues. I’ll be back writing as will Sarah Trumpp and Ann Pierson D’Angelo of Wonderstrange. And Andrea Melione (aka EraserQueen Studios) will be back too!


  1. Astera

    Nice! Glad you were able to organize a comeback of the magazine. I would like to read more about the art trade world, of which I know very little. Tutorials and workshops are always welcome too! Thank you very much for working on this. 🙂

  2. Lisa Isabella Russo

    Oh wow! I've been completely unaware of this magazine. I've not really done mail art, but it looks like there's lots of interesting things to read in this magazine! I will certainly be taking a look, thank you!

  3. Cindy D.

    This is just terrific! I wasn't in ATC-land when the original issues were out. I was late! But this is great news! And let me know if you do guest posts. ;D

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