Zombie Wrapping Paper!

Above are a set of drawings from yesterday’s life drawing session. They’re all in the 10-25 minute range and colored pencil on kraft paper. I loved the model we had yesterday. He was superb. Great models make all the difference! But I spent most of my spare time this week making art and unfortunately, I can’t share any of it yet. It’s all for Secret Santa presents on IllustratedATCs.com and also for family presents. I seriously doubt any of them venture anywhere near my blog but you never know when a niece or a daughter might be poking around.

On the POD front, I quickly made up a Christmas image based on an illustration I had done earlier this year as Zazzle put out wrapping paper and I wanted to make some before the Christmas rush. I added Santa hats to my Party of Naughty Evil and stuck them on gift wrap and what do you know? It sells! My best selling item. Zombie wrapping paper, go figure.




  1. Astera

    The sketches are great…I wonder, since I have never taken life drawing lessons, what makes a good model?
    The zombie are fun…this is one of those wrapping papers that one wants to keep and not use because is too nice! (at least I do this kind of silly things…) 😉
    Ok, I see you cannot show us you gifts now….but after the holidays, you will..right? (please ;))

  2. Ilona Heimböckel

    I love your sketches! I am lucky to have two models, who agreed to sit for me before christmas, that's a treat! 😀
    The party crew looks pretty scary, do we all look like monsters, when we are let loose?
    Happy PPF

  3. SLScheibe

    hhmm…. someone who sits still mostly! And has great poses. Those are the two best things. It's really hard to sit still for a long time so sometimes models need to move parts briefly so they can feel again. Everyone gets that. But models who can sit still in super awesome poses and don't let their eyes run all over the place are the best.

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