Crazy Christmas Aunts Piled with Presents

Every year I like to sketch a crazy aunt who might drop by on Christmas day with her arms full of presents. This year, it’s my imaginary Aunt Helga with her striped leggings, multi-ringed fingers and bold opinions on online shopping and stuffing recipes. I wish I had lots of crazy aunts but I don’t. Sadly, I only have one real one and don’t get to see her often enough. So here is to crazy aunts everywhere. Long may they lighten the holidays and entertain us.

Below are a couple of drawings from today’s life drawing session. I really like the full body pose but I don’t think I captured enough of our model’s likeness in the portrait. Some days you’re a life drawing winner and some days you’re not. I think this was half a ‘not’ day. I’ll take it. Coloured pencil on kraft paper, as usual. Maybe next time I’ll try some pastels and live dangerously for a change.



  1. AnnD

    Can I borrow Aunt Helga after she visits you? My aunts are far away, and now that my grandmother is gone, I don't get to see them every Christmas the way I did growing up. I always miss them at the holidays! And Aunt Helga looks like she's as much fun as my aunts, which is a great compliment! Love her!

  2. Erika

    Oh, I love your wonderful christmas aunt 🙂 and wish I could have such a sweet Lady.
    Your drawing is a very special and beauty one. So very nice to see this woman.
    Happy PPF

  3. Astera

    Nice to have a crazy hunt that comes to visit laden with gifts and full of funny quirks. I think I wouldn't mind to be that aunt myself (except for the striped socks)! ^^
    I would take one of your "not-days" at life drawing and feel like Leonardo any time! 😉

  4. minnemie

    Your Christmas Aunt rocks:-) The sketches are so well done! Few yet strong lines… whether you captured her likeness or not (we won't know;-) you captured the form so well.

  5. Tammie Dickerson

    Love your crazy Aunt! I totally agree with you about the drawing – some days it just flows from the pencil – and some days you have to pull it into existence! I think you've captured a good show of light and shadow here 🙂

  6. Victoria your Aunt Helga..she is lovely and fun-spirited!
    And your sketches are sublime..I think you captured such beauty…power and presence! Stunning!

  7. Carol

    Aunt Helga is a hoot!!! Probably exactly how my nieces and nephews describe me to their friends 🙂 The life drawing is amazing one of these days I'll get brave enough to try a body….maybe.

  8. Pia Rom

    Hipp hipp hurray for all the crazy aunts 🙂 yours looks incredible and if she would ring at my door, I would let her in immediatelly 🙂 not only because I like all her gifts 😉 I also adore her cool boots and socks, hehe. and amazing drawings as always ♥ Conny
    Piaroms Art Journaling

  9. Miz Katie

    haha This post made me laugh. I have crazy aunts!!! I wish one of them would show up at the door with presents on Christmas..that would be so fun!!! I highly doubt that will happen since they don't live nearby, but it's a fun thought.

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