Disco Dancing Monsters!

I am caught up now and have finished 4 paintings in 4 days though I’ll probably stick this one under day 5 since I added this morning’s painting already. This one is a disco dancing monster. It’s acrylic on a 5 x 7 canvas board…. which I seriously dislike painting on. I much prefer to paint on a smooth surface but I have tons of these canvas boards laying about and I best use them up. This challenge is the perfect time. An art friend on iATCs suggested sanding down the boards after a bit of gesso and I might give that a whirl. Any other suggestions for getting rid of the grooves?


  1. sharon

    Oh I love this monster, he is awesome. I sometimes glue a couple layers of tissue to get rid of the grooves then you dont need to use so much gesso. Gives a great texture to paint on.

  2. Vicki Miller

    I loved looking through your paintings. i would suggest the same as sharon. If you sand after gesso, you will sand into the fibres and this would make the surface fluffy. Unless of course you put a ton of gesso and that would be expensive.

  3. SLScheibe

    Great idea! When I do a big painting, I usually cover the canvas in some sort of paper to make it nice and flat but tissue would be very cool and still give a bit of texture. Thanks!

  4. Miz Katie

    🙂 Well, you made me smile BIG. 🙂

    I hate painting directly on canvas boards, too. So, I buy modeling paste, and spread it out in a thin layer with a palette knife. When it's dry, I sand it, and it's smooth to paint on. 🙂 If you try it, make the wet layer as smooth as possible. Any ridges are hard to sand out.

  5. Lisa Isabella Russo

    What a fun and cute painting! I love it! I've only recently painted with a smooth surface and I do prefer it now to canvas and canvas panel, but I have tons of canvas/canvas panel and very little smooth options. I'm going to try gesso and sanding maybe when it gets warmer, my boyfriend suggests more then one layer of gesso applied in different directions and sanded between each coat (he used to do traditional art). Although I'll take a look at modeling paste and see if that's more economical… Thanks for posting about this, it's something I've been thinking about too.

  6. AnnD

    Holy shit, Sal! This has so much energy! The colors alone just gave me a much needed energy boost. His pose is awesome, but I think it would not be as dynamic and energetic in another color combo. Must contemplate this further when I am less tired.

    You are awesome. And so are dancing monsters.

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