Digistamps and Crows, not together

I’ve had a very busy week this week, working on Digistamps for my new Etsy store and various other art projects. Here’s a set of stamps I made this week, plus a few old ones.
Sadly, I gave up on the 30 Paintings in 30 Days challenge. I just don’t have the extra free time this month and I’m not the fastest painter either, not traditionally at least. I plan on doing 29 Faces again since I can incorporate that into work by making a bunch of digistamp faces – bonus! I’m looking forward to that challenge for sure since it was so fun last time. But the daily time to paint just isn’t there right now.Β  I’m a much faster drawer. I enjoyed making the few paintings I did manage though.

I haven’t had time for much other art except for a set of crow ATCs. I so rarely paint or draw animals (except for cats because they’re cool) and they’re waaaaaaay out of my comfort zone! But I enjoyed making this mixed media set for someone on a trading site. They’re acrylic and watercolor and inks.


  1. Cindy D.

    Those crows are crazy cool! Maybe go out of your comfort zone more! πŸ˜€ Too bad about the challenge but it is clear you are always busy. And mostly with art. So mostly I am jealous. Haha. The line art is all fantastic. I love that art nouveau-ish profile. Beautiful!

  2. froebelsternchen Susi

    I love the crow ATCs and your fantastic digi stamps Sal.

    You are right.. I think it is to much to do a painting EVERY day during 30 days….

    I nearly do somethng creaive every day but this challenge would be even toooo much for me!

  3. Helen Campbell

    Love your crow cards, and your digi stamps. I'm still attempting the 30 paintings… we'll see how many I can accomplish in this wacky month.
    Now, doing art of any kind every day, that I'm already doing. πŸ™‚

  4. Giggles

    Wow you are a busy beaver and these stamps are amazing….as is the wonderful crow in all those glorious colors!! I am like you….I wanted to do the 30 day thing but it got away on me!!
    Thanks for sharing!!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. Studio Kaufmann

    I absolutely love the crows painted on the book pages. The colors are wonderful. I love crows they are so human aren't they the way they strut about and seem to know what you are thinking. Happy PPF!

  6. MeOfCourse

    I know what you mean about not enough time. As it is, time is just flying by. Love your crows, they are just awesome. Have fun with 29Faces. I couldn't do it this year. It's a lot of fun though. Happy days to you. Enjoy your year.

  7. Tam Hess

    Wow, those crows are super cool! Really neat colors on the background too.

    I don't do well with those restricted art things. I'm so moody I might not feel like making a face and then I get frustrated. Ambitious of you to try!!

    Happy Paint Party Friday!

  8. Neesie

    I'm visiting PPF for the first time today and loving it. It's all so inspiring.
    You're so talented.
    I certainly can relate to your comment on how difficult it is to allocate enough time for your artwork. The 29 day faces challenge sounds great but I know at the moment I could never manage that. Good luck and I'll be interested to see your work.
    The crows are amazing too.

    Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for sharing ;D

  9. Michellem

    Those crows are amazing!! LOVE seeing all of them together in a set! Your digistamps are so cool too – 29 faces will be a cool challenge for you to grow your collection!

  10. JKW

    Those are the Best crows I've ever seen. Good job on that. The stamps look pretty good for a lot of different pictures. Blessings, Janet PPF

  11. sheila 77

    41st comment and I'm not surprised, these crows are quite wonderful. Apart from the marvellousness of the crows, I like the way you have them on text and the way you have the background turquoise shaded into crimson.
    I do like your demon in a teacup.

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