29 Faces: Face 2

Here’s face two for the 29 Faces Challenge – a pretty steampunk lady. I think she solves mysteries or something. She has that steely, inquisitive look. I had to draw her tonight as I’m out all day Sunday and won’t have time to make a face. She’s a quickie sketch since I’ve had one too many beers (big family dinner!) to do much more than doodle but I’ll make her into lineart sometime next week.

For the next geek fest (aka FanExpo), I plan on making and wearing a steampunk costume. So many cool little pieces go into the costume and it would be great fun to design and create. Either that or I’ll go as a weeping angel from Doctor Who.Β  I can’t decide which one would be more fun though I think the angel has the edge for freaking people out.

26 thoughts on “29 Faces: Face 2

  1. She is totally stunning, Sal! Those colors, too! Yum!

    Steampunk is hard to resist, but oh, oh, oh, if you could pull off the Weeping Angel, that would be outstanding!

  2. Hehe, I love Steampunk (and Doctor Who), and I really like the sketchy lines. The colours too, and that outfit. I really like the whole image! Are you sure its just a doodle?
    The issue with dressing up as a Weeping Angel, is that it is really only effective at scaring people at night. Or in a darkened room. Although that and the Steampunk outfit would both look good!
    Have a wonderful day!

  3. Great to see you participating! ^_^
    Her sharp stare makes me feel I wouldn't want cross her way!
    You got some cool options for that FanExpo, hard to say which one is better. I hope you'll tell us what you chose!

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