Faces 4, 5 and 6!

Woo! I’m almost all caught up now. Instead of working all afternoon (oops), I painted some faces so now I’m done Face 4, 5 and 6. The one below is a digital painting. The above portraits are pencil with some drippy watercolor paints over top. They were just supposed to be colorful splotches but one mistaken drip later, I decided to go with it. I attempted another portrait with some old watercolor pencils I had laying around but it was truly horrific and I crushed it, then tore it up. That’s what you do with embarrassing art. Don’t let it live.


24 thoughts on “Faces 4, 5 and 6!

  1. I have no idea! I used a reference photo from the Brady Handy collection so I assume he's some sort of Civil War general or politician. I didn't even look at his name. I just liked the mutton chops and his wrinkles.

  2. Fantastic drippy portraits! The expression and features on the one on the right especially. He reminds me of someone but I can't figure out who! I am also a fan of the mutton chops.

    We should have an "embarrassing art" day where we all show some. 🙂

  3. Wonderful drippy paintings, making such interesting faces, and I am just blown away by the sheer excellence of your digital painting.
    I had to show Dev. He said "It's just … It's just … it's …. it's beyond art, it's just wonderful". I thought for a moment you had rendered him speechless! So you have another fan, not just me.

  4. Your watercolour faces are striking and very powerful images. I wouldn't like to meet the first guy although maybe he is sweet and kind, who knows?
    I agree with you about destroying Bad Art, we were told to keep everything, but IMO a coal fire is a very handy accessory for artists.

  5. fantastic faces..I love the watercolored pieces so much.. amazing digital portrait as well…

    no I cut bad makes or use parts for backgroundcollaging — I always say to myself:
    nothing is really bad..
    sometimes it can become something absolut stunning in the next life ….

  6. The top two faces are so cool! They look like the embodiment of dreams, or maybe versions of the Sandman. Or maybe they are the sons of the old-fashioned man?
    I hide all my bad art, then come across them many years later and get embarrassed!
    Have a wonderful day!

  7. Love these esp the watercolour/pencil faces & LOVE the way you coolly disposed of your art that wasn't up to scratch, it's amazing sometimes how much time is wasted trying to 'correct' 'fix' something that just need to be ripped up & binned LOL, I heard Michaelangelo was ferocious in his disposal too 😉 Must admit, hard to believe anything you do isn't awesome looking at your posts!

  8. omg, where do i begin?!? Your work is just incredible. If i didn't watch myself, i would spend ALL my spare time here on your blog, and i wouldn't have time for anyone else. 😉 Those watercolors are awesome. And that digital painting. omg. Unbelievable. Such beautiful lines. Thank you for sharing with the world! xx

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