What happens when artists sit down to make art?

I made a couple of comic panels for a swap on IllustratedATCs with the theme of “What happens when artists sit down to make art.” Lots of fun with this swap and I wish I could have made many more panels! You can click the panels so they’re large enough to read.

I have to make some faces this weekend to catch up on my 29 faces challenge! I’m only at #12. I was ahead there for a few days. Ah well! I have to catch up on blog commenting too. I haven’t had much free time to go on a blog roll and see what everyone else is doing with the challenge.



  1. Astera

    So funny and true (not the part where the zombie strangles the artist!). I have those cursing phases almost every time (fortunately my little daughter is deep asleep when that happens!)! 😀
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. Linda

    you are really creating lots of great art-no wonder you're so busy. Your illustrated panel ATCS are so fun and I just LOVE your "valentine" painting! Happy PPF and Valentine's Day!

  3. Jana TangledPen

    Great work!!! I have to show your pirates and zombies to my sons – they'll love them even more than I do 😉
    (BTW – do you use Illustrator or Photoshop to turn your drawings into line art?!)
    Thanks for stopping by earlier!
    Happy PPF,

  4. Giggles

    Gosh you are so incredibly talented…I laughed out loud at why artists drink!! Fantastic all these comics and characters. LOVE LOVE LOVE them!! This made my day!
    Happy Valentines day!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. sheila 77

    Brilliiant comic panels. "Stupid smudged ink" – yes, all the time, or the dreaded sudden shaky hand.
    Love your sweet and dark couple each with the gift of flowers.

  6. Sunshineshelle

    Ok it's only 7am here, so won't pour a wine yet, oh my, yes, I wondered why a glass of wine often appears out of nowhere, right after a f%@k up LOL… Love EVERY damn bit of art here – brilliant 🙂

  7. AnnD

    I have fallen down HARD on the blog visiting. I think my face isn't even technically in the dirt anymore; it's several inches below. I think I hear moles scratching around. Help!

    I am so happy you posted your comic pages here! And I love all of your robots and pirates! I need to do a sheet like that so that I can catch up! (And get away from the moles!)

  8. Jez

    Your artwork is always so unusual, original and creative, and it's a pleasure to visit and feast on your paintings and drawings. My sister and I used to draw comic-strip cartoon pages when we were little, and so I have a great affection for this style. Yours are so expertly done.

  9. MangaMem

    Haha! The comics are great! I can identify with the first one (although I don't drink, so it's the chocolate supply). The robots and pirates look cool and the Valentines one is very sweet (and awesome).
    Have a great day!

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