Collage, Decos & Serious Dislike of the NEVERENDING Snow

I have been really busy the past couple of weeks and haven’t had a great deal of time to draw extra fun things. I didn’t even come close to finishing the 29 Faces Challenge this time but I gave it a good shot. Hopefully in March I’ll have more time to create fun art for my blog and for swaps.ย One thing I did do is a Steampunk collage. It’s part of the workshop I’m doing with Ann D’Angelo at Wonderstrange. I loved making this collage canvas. I just love collage! It’s so much fun to take funny little pieces of photos or magazine clips and make them into something entirely different and new. ย I also spent some time making new coloring books. These aren’t typical coloring books. They’re aimed at adults and are more like little collector mini zines than actual coloring books but I love making them. Lots of fun. I sell them in my Etsy store.

I’m still on a Deco making kick (that’s my androgyny deco cover at left) and have been sending tons of the little books out and around the world and creating pages for my art friends. I haven’t had any return home yet but I’m excited for the day when the first one arrives! I normally participate at Discover Decos (a Yahoo group) and also at There are a lot of deco makers on that trading site too.

And finally, to catch up on life, I am really really tired of the snow! Each year, I wait excitedly for it to arrive and take lots of photos and like clockwork around the end of February, I wait very impatiently for nice warm weather. We have snowbanks taller than me and the city had to come round with snow cutters and dump trucks to take half of the piles from the road since the streets were getting so narrow. I’ve had enough. Yay for March tomorrow! I can almost start my seeds and garden. Almost.


  1. froebelsternchen Susi

    Fantastic Artwork Sal!

    keep calm – the snow will go for sure… but when? who knows?!LOL!
    we have the very first idea of a spring feeling here.. still to cold but the sun is yummie to feel on the skin..special at noon when she is strong enough to warm up….

  2. Jez

    I think I'm finally getting the idea of what Steampunk is, and your collage is such fun and makes me smile – love the rich colouring. Your Androgyny painting is stunning.

  3. Aga Gasiniak

    Lovely creativity, androgyny deco cover is very interesting and colouring books for adults sound really, really good. Remember to take some time to rest and I cannot wait for spring as well. Thank you for sharing

  4. Tammie Lee

    It is snowing here too and seriously cold. Winter is not bowing out to spring, not yet.

    loved seeing these pieces and hearing about what you are doing.
    you are so very creative!

  5. Giggles

    Love the steampunk both amazing pieces! I can only imagine how annoying that snow is hanging around so long. We get excited because it only stays a few days at a time. We had some last weekend….and suppose to have some this weekend. It melts in between!!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. Helen Campbell

    Love that steampunk collage! I saw your coloring books on Etsy, very cool!
    I know what you mean about the snow. We've had some on the ground for a week, and now that it's almost melted, we'll be getting more. Ah well! Happy winter!

  7. Linda

    fantastic projects! I am so with you on welcoming March -and a month closer to warmer weather-despite the fact that we're supposed to get yet another heavy snowfall in the next few days:(

  8. bellefrogworks

    That steampunk collage is awesome – the faces mounted on pedestals – so fun. Love the colors as well – I moved to South Carolina because I was so tired of the snow! I'm far enough south that snow is an extremely rare occurrence – it has been colder and snowier all over this winter. Spring is on the way!

  9. Annabelle

    Lovely work on the steampunk collage. Adore the colours and composition.It will be a while yet before the snow goes but I do love all of the seasons, all have their unique characteristics.

    Annabelle : )

  10. Cindy D.

    I love that bright and curious collage! I saw it on AnnD's video. It's such a funky, cool mix of elements! I could not do the decos, in the end. Not enough time! Too much worry about wrecking someone's book. (I don't do moleys either!) But yours have all looked so terrifically cool!

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