Life Drawings & ACEO Prints

I bought a new sketchbook the other day since my last one was almost filled. I sort of have this weird fear of sketchbooks – they have so many blank pages! And I could mess them up with ugly drawings and paintings! So silly. But new sketchbooks are also a lot of fun and bring new hope that your art is going to keep getting better and better. Well, we hope so anyway, right? I bought this one to use for life drawings. I’m sick of drawing on 18 x 24″ paper. It’s so huge and storing the good ones is a problem. I use the quickies for wrapping paper, stuffing or for table protection detail but I do like to keep some of the nice ones. The only problem is, I have soooooo many of them. What do you do with big life drawings? Above are some of the drawings from today’s session in my new book. I’ve been on a pen kick lately. I’ll stick with it for a while. You can click for a bigger image.




  1. Helen Campbell

    I think a smaller sketchbook is better. The bigger just intimidate me more. I like your sketches, and admire that you are doing it with a pen. What about erasing? LOL! Happy PPF!

  2. denthe

    I love your pen drawings. And had a look at your etsyshop. Looks great. I always sketch in smaller sketchbooks, don't like the big pages. I use those more for paintings.

  3. Giggles

    You are not alone…so many artists seem to have a fear of sketchbooks. Raw emotion in these sketches and your lady seems synonymous with your beautiful style! I'd recognize her as yours anywhere!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. Laila

    Beautiful life drawings, and you put a smile to my face by telling of your sketch book fear. That's excactly how I feel it too. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. SLScheibe

    It's awesome indeed! And super cheap! Sometimes I use the other side of the drawing and just stamp the paper with skulls and crossbones to make awesome pirate paper. But don't do it with charcoal drawings, lol!

  6. Katherine Jeanne Wood

    I love the vibrant red. She's so fiery! I don't have any big life drawings, but I can imagine storage would be a problem. Can you roll the paper, and store it in boxes, maybe? Or in cardboard mailers, inside a box?

  7. SLScheibe

    Yes, I do already. I have tons of rolls with many pages poking out all over my office. I think I should just sort and toss while keeping a few for wrapping. I love the idea of using cardboard mailers for storing the good ones. Great idea!!

  8. AnnD

    I remember when you made that ATC! She's so gorgeous!

    Cool life drawing poses this time, too. I must think about this big life drawing issue – maybe for Living with Art?

    Oh, and the reason I'm commenting like this is that I'm following you properly on bloglovin and getting caught up. My feedly had roughly 098172308937489061098234789 unread articles, which was just about to drive me to drink.

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