Cowboys and Pretty Girls

Here’s a set of old school cowboys done in marker and ink for a trade to an art friend. They’re all based on photos (Gary Cooper, Paul Newman and a random fisherman from google). Had lots of fun drawing these. I love old cowboys and classic movies.

Below is my new coloring book, a hand-bound 12 pager of pretty girls for adult coloring. I say adult coloring since there is some minimal nudity and maybe a risque pose or two. Actually, I think all of my coloring books are for adults. I’m not very good at drawing fluffy and cute I guess.


  1. Astera

    Cowboys…that's an interesting theme…was your friend who requested them or was it your idea? I like the mute color, like in an old movie, Love all you ladies…they are oh so pretty! πŸ™‚

  2. Michellem

    Sal!! There is no end to your talents! These fellas are so handsome – love that they are monochromatic like an old movie! Apparently, I've been living under a rock – just downloaded the current issue of ArtTrader magazine and I'm off to go enjoy it now!

  3. AnnD

    I'm so nosy. The first thing I wanted to ask is who the cowboys are for! Hahaha. They look fabulous! You captured something amazing in the Paul Newman card!

    I love that coloring book! Are you selling them? I would totally get one for my mom. She loves coloring books.

  4. SLScheibe

    For Joan on iATCs, who apparently likes cowboys πŸ™‚

    Yep, selling the color books on Etsy. I have a few of them, making more. They're tons of fun to make.

  5. Cindy D.

    I'm going with Paul Newman for the fellow on the far right. So charming! I love the way you've handled the limited palette, not quite black and white, and masterful use of white pen (or paint). So cool! And your pretty girls are always SO damn pretty. πŸ™‚

  6. ~Rasz~

    Awesome cowboys! And I love the adult coloring book. I've been making doodle coloring books but they are more for girls since it's dragonflies and flowers. Great post and beautiful girls! Have a wonderful weekend, Rasz

  7. Jez

    I love your marvellous old-time cowboys. Paul Newman is instantly recognisable and so is Gary Cooper, and even though I don't know him, the random chappie is excellent. Your Ladies colouring book is a great idea, it might be just the gift to a boyfriend or husband. Well, why shouldn't men like colouring just as much as women, especially when the drawings are so beautiful.
    The red hot girls from your previous post are simply WOW, wonderfully painted.

  8. bellefrogworks

    Love the coloring book illustrations – and those cowboys are just fabulous. You have a great talent for portraits – you didn't just create faces – each one has so much character!

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