Vomit Fairy and Life Drawing

I’ve been missing in action for a couple of weeks with good intentions. I had been trying to aim for an art heavy schedule to get new items in my store and lots of fresh new art to sell and then BAM! Flu! Today is day six of a really evil virus. In honour of laying in bed whimpering like a baby for most of the past week, I made this hideous little vomit fairy tonight. He’s not very friendly and I’m looking forward to kicking his smarmy face out of my house. On the bright side, I did manage to catch up on a lot of sleep. Yay?

Below are a few life drawings from a couple of recent sessions earlier this month. Still digging the Staedtler ball point pen a lot. So smoooooth! No correcting mistakes though and I have to admit that I miss my gummy eraser.


I have a bunch of mixed media canvas pieces on the go, though they didn’t see much action this week. I should have some new stuff to post for next week though. It’s been a fun change up from digital illustrations.


  1. Fran

    Hi Sal. Sorry you have been sick. Maybe drawing this hideous little monster will help get it out of your system. Feel better quick.

  2. Karla B

    I'm sending you good vibrations from Brazil. Love your work. Although you were sick, you created amazing pieces of art!Hope you get well as soon as possible!

  3. Heather Foust

    Oh so sorry that you were not feeling well. I hope you are on the up swing now! Your drawings are great. I really like your Vomit Fairy! Love his colors even though he is a little nasty…I think he is my my favorite but I don't want him coming to meee!!! EEEE

  4. Laila

    I hope you get rid of this vomit fairy in a hurry. It's easy to see you don't like having him around. Your drawings are pretty too. Happy PPF.

  5. Giggles

    Oh my, sorry you were so sick…feel better soon. That handsome Vomit fairy must at least be enticing you to feel well!! Wonderful nudes…wow excellent how you managed the varied body types… I love the authenticity!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. denthe

    Oh my, vomit fairy sounds a bit yucky. Doesn't look yucky though, but he does look a bit mean. I can understand you want him out of the house. Hiope you'll soon be feeling better!

  7. bellefrogworks

    That nasty stomach flu had a bout at my house about a month ago. Hope you feel better and kick that nasty fairy's butt!!! LOL. Love those nudes. I have really just gotten interested in sketching nudes and yours are really good.

  8. Laurie M

    well if there ever was a vomit fairy this would be him, lol!! So sorry to hear you have been ill, six days, wow, your life drawings are amazing!! I hear you about the gummy eraser, no going back with pen, lol, your work is beautiful,

  9. Christine

    your life drawings are my favourite, you're so good at these. Sorry to hear about your flu, no fun! Love the expression on your whimsical piece at the top.

  10. Studio Kaufmann

    Ha ha that vomit fairy is absolutely priceless. I am going to a bacon festival tomorrow where I will be sampling a hundred different types of bacon plus bacon cocktails so I hope I do not turn into a vomit fairy. Happy PPF!

  11. JoyCorcoran

    I had that flu earlier this year — no fun. Glad you were able to embody your disgust in your vomit fairy — very evil and excellent portrayal. Love your staedler sketches — the blue ink adds a nice aura. I don't see any mistakes — every line seems natural and part of the form.

  12. Astera

    Lovely works, as always…as for being missing in action…welcome to my world. I suspect I had that virus couple of weeks ago and I felt like I would not survive it. Nasty! The good thing is that as fast as it hit you, it goes away. Probably tomorrow you will wake up and voila' you'll feel like yourself again! 😉 All the best, lots of sympathy and many praises for your beautiful art in the face of adverse circumstances. Hugs!

  13. AnnD

    Bwahahaha! I feel guilty loving your Vomit Fairy, because I know it did not come from an awesome place (quite the opposite, in fact!). I hope you feel better, you poor girl. Your life drawings are amazing! I hope it was a gala affair. 😉

  14. Kooky Makes

    Despite your illness you've produced some gorgeous and inspiring art. Your life drawings are beyond lovely. Capturing the essence of someone is something I continue to aspire to, you do it beautifully.

  15. Faye

    Great drawings! You are able to get the poses so lifelike and beautiful. I don't like vomit fairy but I will have to say you did an outstanding job with it!

  16. Irene Rafael

    I love that you used your creative energy to get the flu feelings out. I think the turquoise was a good choice, it just pops off of the page. Sorry that you have not been well, though.

  17. Ayala Art

    I hope you don't have to see that fairy ever again :oP
    The nuddies are awesome, we ran a month of human body sketches in march, those would've been perfect there too!

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