New Canvas Painting

I relaxed over the weekend (still a bit sick) and took some time to work on a canvas piece. This is a 16″ x 20″ canvas painted in acrylics with lots of mixed media elements (prints and stuff available at Society6). I wanted to do a profile with big blue circle/swirly hair but didn’t have a plan beyond that. I think I must have had Klimt on the brain because I’m seeing a style resemblance. Wasn’t intentional but I clearly had circles, squares and gold paint on the brain!

I have some more mixed media paintings on the go and hope to have a few more up for sale soon. This one is available! If you want to buy it, send me a note here.


  1. AnnD

    Gorgeous! She has such a great nose, too! You do great subtle mottling in your skin tones. And great lighting. And for that matter, great backgrounds!

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