Speed painting Iron Man

Back in the summer, I was going to paint a whole bunch of movie stills with different lighting and action poses as art practice. You know those “I’m going to totally practice my art” speeches we all give to ourselves monthly? Well, I got as far as Iron Man (definitely not finished) and some other movie with a female lead (I can’t even remember) and then promptly got too busy or too distracted by shiny new paint to do any others. I still have my directory of movie stills and I am determined use them for painting practice until I’ve gone through all of them. Maybe I should make it a PPF thing to do one per week. Maybe this goal will stick. I know this looks like another “I’m going to totally practice my art”Β speeches but pretend you didn’t notice that.

Have a good weekend πŸ™‚


  1. Linda

    wonderful work! Your iron man has such a strong form and in contrast the painting of the woman is so soft and beautiful. You are certainly multi-talented!

  2. bellefrogworks

    Oh my gosh – love Iron Man – may have to do some of those for my grandson's room! Your lady is fabulous – I'm not sure who she is either but she looks familiar. Love those girl sketches – great work and I give art speeches to myself all the time. New art supplies often distract me too – but I think that is a byproduct of the creative mind.

  3. Studio Kaufmann

    I have to say I rather enjoy that half finished stage of a painting – it has so much dynamism. I would be tempted to keep the Iron Man more or less like this – he has so much superpower energy coming off him! Happy PPF

  4. AnnD

    Go you with the speed paintings! Your Iron Man has a great sense of dynamic movement. It looks like you caught him right in the middle of kicking ass!

    Oh man – the girl with the cigarette is killing me! I don't know exactly why I love and adore people smoking in art. I certainly don't want them smoking in my house. But in ATCs / ACEOs / canvases?! Yes, PLEASE!

    By the way, I think your first art goal was a practice goal, and this goal is a real goal. Clearly.

  5. sheila 77

    Iron man is terrific with so much movement, he is zooming out of my screen. I rather like these two cool girls, I think they might be sisters.

  6. JoyCorcoran

    The only way I've been able to stay on track with series is if I have a gallery deadline, someone is paying me or someone has partnered with me. And even then it's hard. I like your pieces here — Iron man has a lot of spirit and the portrait is very compelling. I can't wait to see how your girls on the left evolve. So far they look very lively. I think they'll tell you what to do πŸ™‚

  7. JKW

    Your paintings are fun and interesting. The movie stills are quite excellent. . .that looks like quite a big job, albeit interesting and exciting. I love the ACEO theme. I often do themes for my ACEOs also.Looking forward to more of those. Thanks for the visit. Blessings, Janet PPF

  8. denthe

    Oh, those cartoony girls are gorgeous! Love them β™₯ And that second painting is my favorite, so well done! She looks familiar but I'm not sure. It's not Meg Ryan is it?

  9. Cindy D.

    Oh those are fantastically cool girl sketches! Can't wait to see them finished! As for your movie stills project, GO YOU. So maybe you won't get through them as quickly as originally planned, or something, but you've got a great start on it. And besides, look at all your cheerleaders! πŸ˜€

  10. Marianne

    Wow – great work!
    I didn't thought it was possible to do such a great piece (like Iron -Man) with so few brushstrokes….
    The girls are beautiful.

  11. Gloria

    Such a good likeness of Megan Ryan in "When Harry Met Sally"! Don't worry about broken promises to yourself. Just enjoy your great talent!

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