Ice Cream Lickers

Happy Friday! A while ago, I did some lighting and action pose paint sketches and they were such great exercises. I thought I’d bring back the idea as a practice exercise a couple of times a week for an hour or so. I didn’t spend long of these ones above, probably about 20 minutes each or so though probably longer on the dancing duo. And by the way, I did do a movie still! But it’s really ugly. I’ll leave it hidden.

Here are a couple of ice cream licker ATCs for the Art-A-Thon that’s happening over at this weekend. These are watercolor and ink. I think the guy in the red shirt has encountered sour lime ice cream judging by his expression or maybe this is about 1 second pre-brain freeze. We’ve all been there.

I had made a few coloring books a while ago but I’ve now made PDF versions for my Etsy store. I printed a few off and was coloring them to get a few Etsy photos and it was a lot of fun. Coloring is probably the best part of the artwork for me. It seems like it can be more work to get the sketch done and looking the way you want it, then the lineart is just sort of boring but coloring, it’s easy! All of the hardwork is done and you can just fill in areas between the lines. Here are a couple of the images from my Day of the Dead book and The Ladies (adult colouring).





  1. Nic McLean

    Your I've cream lickers are great-love the expressions especially the first one! Those light and position poses are a great idea-you look like you've mastered them already and I love the idea of the colouring books- I agree the colouring in is the best part!

  2. MeOfCourse

    These are terrific. Yes it does look like one has brain freeze, tee hee. You are excellent in your passion for art. Always very interesting to come here. Thanks.

  3. Studio Kaufmann

    your ice cream lickers have made me crave ice cream! Happy PPF. On the PPF site they mentioned you as a she – I had alway thought of you as a male because you have a male avatar. Are you male or female or is it none of my business?

  4. AnnD

    You are such a superstud. I can't believe you did those in 20 minutes each! I am glad you specified that the dancers took longer, or I might have wept openly.

    I love coloring, too! It's my favorite.

    Like a big idiot, I took my mom to breakfast today and forgot her coloring book. 🙁

  5. Annabelle

    Nice work Sal. I like the lime ice-cream fella, he looks like he got a bit of both…sour and freeze : ) Congrats on the feature.

    Annabelle : )

  6. sheila 77

    Love the green hair to match his ice-cream.
    Your action photos are so skilfully painted, brilliant work.
    I agree with you about colouring in and especially with colouring in with markers.

  7. Giggles

    You truly are a talent…wow love the action poses, and the ice cream lickers… All so fun, whimsical, vibrant! Always a happy place at your blog…. Inspirational too!! Nice to see you featured this week!

    Hugs Giggles

  8. Tammie Lee

    your tongue pieces make me smile.
    and your light pieces are fabulous and a bit dramatic.
    Always wonderful to see what you are breathing life into.

  9. Irene Rafael

    Hello, You are so versatile in your art and are an inspiration. I love the expressions on your ice cream people. Oh, I see that Nicole, right above me says the same thing and I didn't look until just now 🙂 Guess you an inspiration to us all.

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