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It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post and I have a lot of art to share but I can’t share any of it yet! Blarg! Everything I’ve created this week, with the exception of the life drawing, is for a Secret Solstice swap on an art trading site I belong to. I’ve made a few arty pieces and lots of ATCs but they’re all being sent off to new homes as a surprise and I think some of the recipients might be blog readers. Can’t spoil things. I did the life drawing above this afternoon. We had a long pose today and it was nice to take some time and work on shading and highlights instead of rushing to get something down before the next pose.

I was away last weekend, in NYC and NJ to visit family and I headed out to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Beautiful! I got to see one of my favourite paintings, Madame X, by John Singer Sargent. It’s incredibly beautiful up close. He’s such a masterful painter. I saw so many paintings my head was spinning by the time we left.  I also had the opportunity to see Bouguereau’s Nymphs and Satyr painting up close. Quite a few years back I made a master study of the painting which took me many long hours so it was wonderful to see it in real life (it’s huge!).



  1. Marji

    Your life drawing is great. I tried a few classes and its such a challenge when the poses are quick. Nice to have a long pose to hone the skills. Lucky you in NYC – sargent's paintings are my favs too – and Mary Casat just in the next room. What an experience.

  2. stefanie stark

    The life drawing looks wonderful. I like it how you have sketched it with a white pencil on a dark background instead of dark lines on white paper. This makes the impressing drawing even more special. Your visit to NY must have been a great experience!

  3. Mari Huertas

    Great studio naked without makeup, and I really like a lot. I have not yet had the chance to see any work of Singer Sargent natural, but I love and envy you for it. Saludos

  4. Linda

    wonderful drawing with nice highlighting in white! Any trip to an art museum is inspiring. Glad you got to enjoy your visit to the MMA along with seeing family.

  5. Studio Kaufmann

    Your life drawing is great, yes if you take longer you can really build up the solidity of bone and flesh. I used to do a lot of life drawing. Sometimes we would have to capture movement and the model walking around, sometimes we would do the same pose for six hours. I miss doing it and I really should get back to it. Happy PPF

  6. AnnD

    Hahaha. Doesn't it suck that we can't share our Secret Solstice things? That's 90% of what I've been working on! It's kind of like planning a surprise party for your spouse and then bashing your head against the wall to come up with other things to talk about when all you can think about is the party!

    Your life drawing is outstanding – and you did an awesome job on the fabric, too. Fabric is on the very long list of Things I Need to Work On.

    Seeing art in person is fun but SO overwhelming! I always feel like my brain is trying to fire on 100 different levels at once!

  7. Cindy D.

    I totally feel ya about the waiting on secret things, though I am lucky because one of mine was opened already! Your life drawing work continues to be totally amazing. Those legs!

  8. Helen Campbell

    Wonderful life drawing. It sounds like you had a fabulous time at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I haven't been, but would love to if I ever get to New York. Have a great weekend!

  9. Nicole Beadwright Campanella

    You are amazing! This drawing is sooooo good. Every shadow, crease, fold and highlight is perfect. I am so impressed with your art. You are so fortunate to be able to go to the Museum of Art. One of my dreams.
    Have a great weekend

  10. Manda

    I am so glad you were able to visit MOMA. It's one of the things toward the top of my bucket list. Your life drawing is great. I think you really captured some personality there. Thank you so much for sharing! Your work is a big inspiration for me =)

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