Canvas Art, ATCs and Sketchy Bits

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve had a post up but I have been busy making art, I just couldn’t show much of it since it was being sent out as secret gifts to art friends. Whew! It’s over and I can share! Below are a couple of canvases done in acrylic, Jack from The Shining and The Dude from The Big Lebowski. So much fun making these and I seriously love The Big Lebowski, one of my fave movies of all time. I also made tons of ATCs and other little bits. Here are a few in marker and ink.

I also made lots of life drawings but the past couple of weeks, I’ve been turning them into silly doodles rather than proper figure drawings. We had a lovely, curvy model the other week and she become a beach beauty with polka dot bikini and swirly curled hair. The wonderful model we had this week became a king and voodoo master since voodoo was on the brain. The bottom left sketch with men holding their dolls is for a voodoo themed ATC swap. I just sketched out some silly ideas.


  1. Marji

    Wow, great sketches! I love everything here. Sadly your canvases of Jack the The Dude didn't come through, so I couldn't enjoy those too. Happy Friday.

  2. sheila 77

    Your drawing and painting skills are awesome and that is in the real meaning of the word.
    Like Valerie, I love the birdies, they are very cool and suave, especially the one on the left.
    I also really like the ladies with all their complex details and the fabulous backgrounds.
    And your film star paintings are super-skillful, recognisable at a glance.
    Great post.

  3. Giggles

    What a plethora of variety…wow impressive, you are so prolific…all stunning work…I'd like a little travel in that creative mind of yours just for a few moments…. I can only imagine where it would take me…. So inspiring!

  4. Laila

    Wow, what a lot of creative results. I instantly fell in love with those little birds, how very adorable they are. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Cindy D.

    I totally love the curvy bikini babe with that fab hair! And I am so thrilled to own all three of those gorgeous lady ATCs. The birds in hats are darn awesome too.

  6. AnnD

    OMG, what you have done with those life drawings is sensational! I love the woman with her voodoo doll and the curvy bikini woman (look at that HAIR!).

    Cindy's fancy dress ladies are unbelievably good, Sal! You so rule! <3

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