ATCs and the World Cup

It’s World Cup time! Ok, I’m not really THAT excited but my husband is a soccer fanatic so it’s on at our house every single day and I can’t help but be pulled in. I’m going for The Netherlands to win it all and pulling a bit for the USA too. Anyone else?

More ATCs made for art trading friends and swaps. At left is a smoking pinup and at right are a set of cards for a swap on Voodoo. These are all done in markers and ink.


  1. AnnD

    I'm officially World Cup Clueless. When we lived in Boston, I was always amazed by the fury and the hoopla (especially since I came from the Midwest, where – at the time – roughly four people noticed and/or cared). In your honor – and Alex's – I will now hereby offer a hearty, "Go team." Apply where necessary. 😉

    I can't wait to see the voodoo cards in person! They're so, so good! <3

  2. alarmcat

    yeah, i'm not into the whole soccer thing either. while my husband watches on TV, i get extra time to do some sketching.

    love your drawings, they are great! and a little scary 🙂

  3. Karla B

    World Cup is here and our lives are upside down. I am a teacher and our holidays are in July but this year,it is happening now. The whole country is excited.There is a foreigner in every corner and a protest against the Cup too.Let's see what lies ahead huh!Love your work,it brightens my day!

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