Life drawing and watercolor pencils on kraft paper

I took along some watercolor pencils to a life drawing session last night but I only brought Kraft paper – DOH! If you’ve ever worked on kraft paper before, you know it’s super thin and very prone to air wrinkles. It doesn’t take much to ruin the stuff, it’s maybe half a step up from newsprint. Needless to say, I didn’t get to wet my watercolor pencil bits. Well, I did try it with one but it was a soggy mess of ugly so that was my one and only experiment with kraft paper and watercolor pencils. Next time I’ll bring the proper paper. But the colors still look pretty! I decided to work in colored pencil for the body and just add shades of color on the outside. These are all 5-15 minute poses.

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  1. Nordljus

    Oh I absolutely love these! And I do like the tone of the kraft paper together with the pencil and colour accents. I'm taking a portrait class at the moment, and I love having a model to draw, and I really hope to take a life drawing class in the autumn.

  2. AnnD

    OMG, the color on these is incredible! Makes them sing arias!

    I am perpetually amazed by the sense of shadow and light (and therefore dimension) that you achieve on these in such a short amount of time. Go you!

  3. Cindy D.

    (Please delete any duplicate comment, as two have disappeared! I think!)
    Gorgeous life drawing as usual! Your blog consistently proves the benefit of life drawing practice. Highlights! Foreshortening! Unusual poses! I must find the time one of these days.

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