It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

It feels good to be back posting again! And even better–it’s almost time for school! My favorite TV commercial is for Stapes office supply stores. They have an ad with parents dancing in the store aisles picking up school supplies with, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” playing in the background. That’s totally me. One daughter went to camp for a couple of weeks and the other was busy with work and her horse but when you work at home, summers can be hectic and unproductive work-wise.

Here’s the lovely little nature fairy digital stamp I started yesterday. She’s all complete and in my Etsy store now. I had actually sketched this one out during a life drawing session this summer but she sat in my sketchbook waiting. Sadly I have tons like that, all waiting for the line art to be completed. If only drawing the lines was a little more fun. I love the sketching part best I have to admit. I could never be an inker.

Below are a few images from a recent life drawing session. I used a pencil which was strangely weird since I never use a pencil, mostly colored pencils or a pen. I had to get used to it again! It’s sort of like handwriting. If you use a computer all day for years, your handwriting skills tend to go funny.

20 thoughts on “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

  1. Your nature fairy digital stamp looks like she could live in my garden.
    I can identify with the kids back in school. I don't have that excuse anymore and still end up with unproductive periods. To many other things to do in the summer. 🙂
    Great life drawings too! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. What a wonderful fairy! Love the pose and the line work! Every time I see your life studies I think I should be doing that at our local gallery twice a month! I just never seem to squeeze it into my busy schedule!

  3. I love how they use that commercial at Staples too. But since I am a teacher I'm not sure it is my favorite time of year. (So much better once you get to know your kids a little better). Great drawings. You've mastered the pencil, even if you don't usually use one.

  4. Well your fairy is beautiful, however your live sketch is fabulous! The way you managed to make the folds of the skin is amazing. His expression and the lines of his body. Everything is in the right place and very nature. LOL Well done.

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