Zentangley Fashion Pop Art

Zentangley Fashion Pop Art is a whopper of a title but that’s what this is really, a zentangle lady in pop art style with a fashion edge. Works for me! And it took fooooorrreeevvvverrrr to complete. Drawing the girl was easy, making lineart for that zentangled hair was a monster job. I’ll probably make only a few of these ones! She’s available in my Etsy store now.

It’s zombie time now I think, gearing up for Halloween and zombie walks. Next stamps are horrible, gross and dark, I promise.


  1. Sabina

    Hey there. I really love all your characters, they're like more demented versions of fairytale creatures. (That's a compliment, I promise). Also I just scrolled back over the past few posts–always nice to find other zombie walk fans.

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