Daisy on the couch

Here’s Daisy, from the comic I’ve been working on (forever). I was trying out a grittier and darker style and think I’ll go with this. I scanned the inks on Bristol board and then colored in Photoshop. This is the SFW version. The NSFW version is on my Tumblr.


  1. AnnD

    Holy wow! She is effing fantastic! I love the grit – and the mean cat on the sofa! The ashtray full of butts is really well done and reminds me of my college days. Alas, if only I'd had hair as great as hers back then!

  2. GlorV1

    Love that red hair. Wow is all I have to say. Your work is one of the best I've seen. She really looks like she needs help in life. You've made her look like as if she don't give a hoot about anything but what she's doing. Well done!!

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