A WIP and a few stamps

Here’s an illustration that I’m working on over the next few days, a pretty nature goddess. I’m still working out the composition and colors so things are likely to change. It’s a WIP. I still have no idea what she’s going to be holding in her hands! Flower maybe? An earth?

At left is a quickie portrait from a recent life drawing session. This model is one of my favorites. She has such a wonderful profile and I always try to find a spot to her side so I can draw her nose. Plus she’s a fabulous model, always spot on with the poses. She reminds me of a master drawing (the one at right is from way back, an ATC in watercolor).

Happy PPF!


  1. Fallingladies

    love the sketch and work in progress of your girl with antlers! why did you decide to move the one big tree to smaller ones? i like it both ways actually. and your life drawing is perfect as well!

  2. Alexandra

    When I first looked at your piece of art, it immediately reminded me of Frida Khalo's popular painting, "The Little Deer". 🙂 Your portraits are fantastic. Very compelling art here.

  3. Cindy D.

    That face from your life drawing class really is so strong and full of personality! I could see all manner of old-fashioned hats on her! The antler woman is looking fantastic.

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