New digital stamps and a few ATCs + WOYWW

Here are a few ATCs I made last week for a portrait swap in the style of your favorite artist. I have TONS of fave artists so I went with Egon Schiele, Joe Sorren, Dave Kinsey and Klimt. These are mostly in markers and colored pencils. These were made for a swap on, my favorite card trading place.

Below are a bunch of new digital stamps that I just added to my Etsy store. A curvy mermaid, a sexy witch for Halloween plus a few cats and a whimsical toy robot because robots are awesome. I’m working on a few silly and dark stamps this week. I just can’t make fairies and mermaids all the time even though that’s what many people seem to want. I have to make something utterly ridiculous and gross now and then to feel right. Thankfully, there are plenty of card makers and digistamp users out there who like the ridiculous and the dark more than the cute and the fluffy. YAY!


Here’s what’s on my desk today. It’s a mess of Copics, pencils, old tea bags and a dirty spoon, some art cards I’m working on as well as various bits of stuff. Same old mess! At least the dirty tissues didn’t make it into the photo.

22 thoughts on “New digital stamps and a few ATCs + WOYWW

  1. You've been busy! Your portraits are fabulous, and folks who receive them will be thrilled. Robots are indeed awesome… and I hope you share the silly and dark stamps you're working on that make you happy. Have a great week!

  2. That's an interesting desk … used teabags – now what are you going to do with them. And I can't tell you how many times I've had to scrap a photo of my desk because there's used baby wipes or kitchen paper smack bang in the middle of the pic 🙂 Have a great week. Elizabeth x #62

  3. Used tea bags go in my composter! I wish I was more creative and could use them in art but I just drink the tea made with them and then leave the mess all over my desk until I can't stand it anymore and clean it all up, lol.

  4. Hi Sal, oh how I giggled at the mention of the "dirty spoon!" But, thanks for sparing us the tissues too in the picture! Those are some great ATC's you have going on. I've never done them myself, but know how popular they are. There's just never enough time in a day, right, to do it all? Happy WOYWW to you! Crystal

  5. Thank you for letting me peep over your shoulder. You've been a busy girl! I love your ATC's. The artisis are so recognisable. (I didn't know Joe Sorren but looked him up on Google) Well done. Lucky person who receives one of your ATCs.
    Don't worry about ridiculous and gross. Many people like that sort of thing (I personally don't but I have a craft friend who does).

  6. Love the atc's, they're really cool. That's a "good" messy desk you've got there, shows creativity and fun is going on!, as opposed to a messy dumping ground where you can't get anything done!

    Brenda 56

  7. Your art always blows me away! It's so wonderful! The witch, robot, and mermaid are amazing! I think you definitely have to follow your bliss, if dark and wonderful is what you're feeling, I think it's important to respect that.

  8. Hello your work is amazing. I guess you would think mine is cute and fluffy 🙂 but each to their own and I am not an artist – you are very , very talented. I've enjoyed looking back at your work. Anne x #32

  9. I understand what you mean about fairies and mermaids. I am a Egon Schiele fan also. I saw his exhibition in Vienna and fell in love with his work. A shame he died so young.
    Love your ATCs. Thanks for sharing.
    Gabriele 16

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