Paints, ATCs and inks

I’ve been busy making art and working on various projects so I haven’t been a good poster lately. Plus, to be honest, it’s always a struggle to write something to accompany the pictures. I’m more of a “here’s my painting” type than a blog writer. So boring I know.Β I’ll set some new year art and posting goals and try to stick to them for 2015. I know that 30 Paintings in 30 Days is happening in January 2015 and I might join in there though I’m more of a markers and ink type than a painter. Painting takes me such a long time. Holy slog fest.

I started a painting this afternoon! Woo! Β It’s just acrylic right now but it will end up being a mixed media piece. It’s pretty big. I think this is the largest size I’ve ever painted at 30 x 40″. I tend to stick to my comfort zone of 9 x 12 ” MAX. There’s so much more surface and I’m going through a lot more paint than I’m used to. I can see myself making a trip to the art store for some big tubes. Anyway, hope to finish this one up over the next couple of days… before the chaos of visitors and holidays.

Below and above are a few of sets of ATCs I made for some art friends over the past few weeks. Mostly markers and ink – smokers, lovers and fancy animals.


Happy PPF! πŸ™‚


  1. Nicola McLean

    Well for someone who doesn't think they're a blog writer, that was a great blog post! I know what you mean about size. I mostly work in Little 5×5 inch box canvases but I'm doing some larger pieces now and it's word as techniques that work 'small' Don't necessarily turn out the same 'large'! I absolutely love the aATCs-your illustrative work is superb. Merry Christmas.

  2. Studio Kaufmann

    Such cool ATCs!! I think the pig in the hat is so cute! I love the big painting and can't wait to see how it turns out. I am the opposite I love to work large and can't work small! Happy PPF

  3. Cindy D.

    Oh I hope you do 30 paintings challenge! Also, I hope you will post things even if you don't have anything to write. Some art blogs have very little text so it would not be so unusual. Can't wait to see how this giant canvas turns out! And I love all those ATC sets. So great. πŸ˜€

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