More Paintings for the 30 Day Challenge

Here are the painted canvas efforts from the past week with a few more in the previous post. I think I’m actually ahead of the challenge now, by one or two paintings, Woo! It’s been a good painting week. I’ve had fun with the acrylics so far and have been doing a lot of mixed media type of art, lots of fun and bright images too. I think next week I will turn things to the more serious side and see try my hand at still life and realism. Maybe. We’ll see how it goes. I usually find that sort of thing such a drag to draw so I might only last a day.

Happy PPF!


  1. sheila 77

    What wonderful personalities you draw and your art tells stories. My favourite here is the third one in the top row with the interesting looking girl and her small "interesting" teddy.
    My teddies have run away screaming ( but I think they are just playing at it).

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