Apples and pears!

More paintings from this weekend. The above paintings are actually ATCs from an art-a-thon over at but I ran out of time to make actual canvas paintings, so I’m going to include the ATCs. They’re painted, so paintings! The pretty girl below is a mixed media with lots of stuff thrown into the mix – acrylic, pens, colored pencil, book pages, tissue paper. It’s an art mash-up over a messed up canvas (a previous painting gone bad).



  1. AnnD

    Oh wow – I didn't realize that the pretty girl was done over the messed up canvas! She is one good looking phoenix! The sense of warm light in that painting is transfixing, and she has a kind of classical quality, almost like she's a detail in a painting of women bathing. I can't say enough about the blue touches in the lighting, which in this case make it seem as if the flowers themselves were luminescent. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

  2. Tammie Lee

    the top piece is gorgeous and such wonderful colors!

    the others are hard to believe that they are so small with all the lovely detail and light. each one is quite special.

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