Goth girls and butterflies!

Here’s a new painting I did this week for the 30 Day painting challenge (I’m still going!). A cute little goth girl with her pretty blue butterflies. I stuck this one in my (now open again) Etsy store. I figure I might as well try to sell a few of the paintings I’ve been doing for the challenge.

I have a bunch of others on the go but none dry or ready to post here yet. I think I might have to finish up the challenge with ATC paintings, lol. Working on larger sizes is really hard when you try to paint daily. There’s not quite enough time to pull off a 9 x 12 or 8 x 10 on a daily basis – at least at the rate I’m working here. Maybe I’m just slow 🙂

Happy PPF! Happy weekend! YAY! It’s my favorite time of the week.

17 thoughts on “Goth girls and butterflies!

  1. No, you're not slow 🙂 I would never be able to paint a painting every day (even though I would want to!) Your goth girl is wonderful! Love her hair and those butterflies….

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