I’ve been absent from posting again. Not because I haven’t drawn or painted anything but because I am just a pretty bad blogger. At the moment, I’m participating in a 24 hour Art-A-Thon. I had a fun party to go to tonight but I hurt my foot a few weeks ago and it’s still in very bad shape so no party for me. Art is almost as fun, minus the beer. 🙂

Below is my Flower Girl, part of the art-a-thon prompts (this one for flowers). The next one is encaustic which I will be steering clear of since it seems messy and I don’t have any crayons or wax paint to play with. Above are some of my recent art not posted here yet, all ACEOs available in my Etsy store.



  1. Tammie Lee

    so sorry to hear about your foot!
    I keep arnica on hand for stuff like that. The sooner one uses it the more of a miracle that it is.

    your ladies are gorgeous and rich with meaning. Loved seeing each one.

  2. Cindy D.

    I have also been a bad blogger! Life has a way of moving along at its own merry, breakneck pace. Love these fancy, gorgeous women! Are you ready to post more things yet? 😀

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