New art, new graphic sets!

It’s been a busy time for me. I’ve been hard at work on various art projects and new graphic sets and so I’ve been a bit lazy about blogging. Ooops! Hopefully I can get things back on track and start producing some regular content from here on in.

I’ve been making a lot of watercolor clipart lately and here are two of the newer sets – whimsical rainbow flowers and dark gothic wreaths. Hmmm… they’re polar opposites on the floral theme scale, I see that now. LOL. But both are fun for creating commercial products (yes, they’re fine for using on PODs) and invitations too.

I’ve also opened a new graphics store, here: I still have my Etsy shop of course and another one over at CreativeMarket but it was time to put together a store of my own and direct my promotion efforts there.

On the art front, I’ve made tons of Artist Trading Cards of course. I’m always up for trading and I will get around to posting some of them soon. I’ve also made quite a few postcards, paintings, life drawings, the usual. And a 8 page short comic! I have been busy, just a really bad poster.

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