Cats in sweaters, blue birds and rock icons.

Happy Friday! My favorite day of the week. This means the end of the work week and the beginning of weekend fun (unless housework is involved of course). On Fridays, it’s either pub night where I get to drink a couple of cold beers with people I enjoy or it’s all you can eat sushi at a local restaurant. Yum and yum. Either one makes me happy.

I made this set of rock icon ATCs for an art present exchange on one of the trading sites I belong to. I forgot to post them a while back so here they are – Hendrix, McCartney, Bob Dylan and Janis Joplin in watercolor and ink. Speaking of classic rock, I just finished watching that Tom Petty documentary on Netflix today. OMG… four hours! It was like a Ken Burns series in movie form. Two hours in and I looked down to see how much was left and it was only halfway through. LOL.

I wish I could put a cute little hand knitted winter sweater on my grumpy cat though I think she’d probably take out one of my eyes if I tried. But I can paint little sweaters on cats and that’s the next best thing. I do love cats, even my grumpy little ball of dramatic fur. This set of watercolor illustrations is available in all of my stores.


I painted this set of whimsical folk birds last week and have sorted it into a set of PNGs for all of you lovely designers out there. This one was a lot of fun to make too. There’s something about cute animals that makes me happy. You can’t be sad when you’re looking at a kitten or a puppy can you?


  1. Giggles

    I am with your such happy art! Can't help but smile with cats in sweaters…love it and your rock Icons… My kids have seen both McCartney twice…one a few weeks ago, and Bob Dylan twice as well…Even though they are my era I've never seen them… Love everything you create…so fun. Will have to check out that documentary.

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Studio Kaufmann

    Cats in sweaters, what could be cuter?
    I know it is hard/impossible to get critters into clothes. One year I wanted to put my guinea pigs into halloween costumes. They weren't having it! Also one of them was too rotund so he had to wear a small dog halloween costume…for about five seconds!
    Happy PPF ♥♥

  3. JKW

    OMGosh you captured Bob Dylan beautifully . . well, he and Janis are my faves. Yikes the cats are great. . fantastic talent. Yep, I am a puppy person. . lol. Thanks for the tip on Tom Petty (Netflix). Blessings, Janet

  4. ArtbyNicolaMcLean

    I love everything about this post – your illustrations are amazing and so colourful! The rock star ATCs are so good – you've captured the likenesses perfectly and I love the cats in sweaters and your description of your own wee cat, bless her grumpy wee socks!

  5. denthe

    Love your rock icons, especially Janis Joplin. The cats look adorable, and it sure is a lot less painful to paint sweaters on cats instead of having to do it with a real (grumpy) one 😉

  6. Faye

    Fantastic work, Sal. The rock icons really take my breath away. Such good likenesses. And of course, what could be cuter than cats in sweaters?

  7. ~Rasz~

    Both of your paintings are awesome! I love the cats in sweaters, and yes you would probably loose an eye or be severely wounded trying to get a cat in a sweater. The birds are so cute. Great post and Happy PPF!!! Enjoy your weekend and hopefully you can create!

  8. Indira

    For some reason, I mistook Jim Hendrix for Prince, lol. Actually, they are all terrific. I love cats tho I don't have one and every cat should have sweater I think. Very cute.

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