Coloring Books & Christmas… in June. It happens.

I’m thrilled that this Adult Coloring Book is finally finished and available! A group of us from the trading website created this fun little coloring book to raise money for our website server costs. It’s filled with 33 awesome pages of illustrations and designs in many themes from fantasy to flowers to zentangles, animals and more. There are 29 artists involved, including a few visitors to this blog. It’s a downloadable and printable PDF, meaning that you will need to print it at home. You can find it in my store if you’re interested and it will likely be for sale at some point on Wonderstrange too. Two of my coloring pages are in this one.

I know! I know! It’s way too early for Christmas painting, right? I can’t help myself. I’m excited already, lol. It’s my favorite season of all. Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration. I really like Halloween. So totally my second favorite season of all! It’s crazy to start this early but since this is an illustration set, I have to get a move on and have it ready for all of the lovely designers out there. Hence, Christmas in June!

And finally, a Throwback Thursday, but not me. It’s art from years ago! I bought this most amazing handmade watercolor book and I meant it to be my special mixed media art journal. And yeah, we all know how that goes. Many of you know how hard it is to fill an art book or a sketch book. It’s like this impossible goal way out there, years in the future, “One day you will be able to fill an entire sketchbook! One day!” I’m still not there yet. Some of my sketchbooks have been around longer than my kids. So yes, this is a book I really need to finish. I started it 6 years ago. Maybe this is the year. SIGH. I don’t even believe myself anymore.

Happy PPF and happy weekend!

14 thoughts on “Coloring Books & Christmas… in June. It happens.

  1. Oh my are so productive… Love the Christmas in June cards…fabulous getting an early start wish I was that smart! So much talent!!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Hooray coloring book! And I do wish you wouldn't be down on yourself about unfinished sketchbooks. As long as you keep making new things, right? That much said, I totally love this collage piece. It is so thoughtful and beautifully designed and I could not love these vivid beautiful colors any more than I do!

  3. Adorable little Christmas birds. I know what you mean about filling sketch books. I love paper. I have a hard time not purchasing nice books of paper. Then I only want to put good drawings in it so am hesitant to do anything.

  4. Where can I look at coloring books? I have a book of flowers a coloring book. Nothing like what is on the website. I would like to know where I can get some. Thank-you. Wendy Rene’

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