Art Journals!

After a nice vacation for a couple of weeks, I’ve been (far too slowly) getting back to work. I have plenty of new art painted for graphic sets. That’s the easy part. The hard part – scanning, cleaning, promoting – I still have to do. So no new graphic sets here yet. Next week.

On a more fun note, I decided I needed a bit more time off and I started an art journal for the fun of it. I never make art for myself. It’s always for work or for a trade or for some course I’m taking. I think the last thing I painted just for fun was a couple of years back. Way too long. So I decided this would be the summer of art journaling. I made my own 8″ x 11″ journal and stuck in some nice Bristol board and some cool Stongehenge drawing paper (which I proceeded to paint on), stuck it all together with a pamphlet stitch and boom- one hand made journal with a small number of pages so I can actually complete it. Above is a double spread… pretty girls, my fave thing to paint. And the other two are pages about giddy excitement (new journal!) and fave imaginary creatures.

Happy PPF!


  1. Nordljus

    I love all your art journal pages! But especially the double page, such gorgeous colours and details. I haven't taken out my art journal and acrylic paints for far too long. Looking forward to see more pages of your journal!

  2. magistra

    You are seriously getting me all giddy to try out some art in my art journal! I love our two headed guy here. I'm not sure if I saw that duck necklace on a real man if I should know I've found my soul mate or if I should run. It could be both for me! Thank you Sal for sharing your art here and on YouTube. You are such a gifted artist.

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