Masked Ladies and Dark Queens

I’m not sure how I became so far behind on my blog posting! Actually, I guess it happens more often than not. Who am I trying to kid, lol? I might possibly be in a state of near constant lag.

I’m back on the ATC train! I joined a few swaps over at and made some mask ladies and a few dark queens. These are all watercolor and ink. My masquerade ladies were inspired by that TV show, Skin Wars. I’d never heard of it before it hit Netflix but once I saw episode one, I became an instant addict and would love to try body painting. It looks like so much fun. I just need a model. Any volunteers?


  1. Nadya

    Oh, you should have a teaser video, Sal!! I love your ladies! And have a lot of fun face painting! I've participated in a few body paint fests, one at a women's retreat, where we painted a "maid, mother and crone," (12-50/60ish) …. And me!!
    And helped my daughter and several midwives do a belly cast (plaster strips) on a mom of with twins, but at risk pregnancy, so in the nic unit!! We timed it around a sympathetic nurse's shift, and later the mom painted the cast! (Her boys are now 15!)

  2. Giggles

    Gorgeous pieces. Don't be too hard on yourself about blogging..You create so much and that's most important! Make hay while the sunshines! You can update your blog anytime!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. Faye

    I also liked the Skin Wars program but somehow don't get it any longer. An interesting "canvas" to work with. I like your painted ladies in this post, the masked beauties and the dark queens too. Beautiful colors.

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